Veterans For Peace/Swords to Plowshares Memorial Bell Tower

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Currently set up between the Vietnam War Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC - Swords to Plowshares/Veterans for Peace 24' tall touring bell tower is covered with silver wind-blown "bricks" made from recycled cans. It is dedicated to healing the moral injury of war.


Its sign reads:

Swords to Plowshares Memorial Bell Tower

To mark the 2014 Centennial of WWI and Semi-centennial of the Vietnam War
Veterans for Peace dedicate this monument

To all victims and veterans of war without regard to race, faith or nationality;

To those who find no comfort in the glorification of war;

To those who struggle for healing and peace;

We ring the bell to mourn the dead of all nations, to call for an end to the waste of war and to spare others its horrors.